The Dead Hours

Why The Dead Hours?

The Witching Hour is midnight to 1am, when all things paranormal are supposed to be about, except the devil, as he has his own time: 3am, the opposite of Christ’s time at 3pm, the time Jesus was said to have been crucified.

The Hour of the Wolf is 3am to 4am, the hour between night and dawn, the opposite of twilight (which should really move with the time of year).

It’s when the wolf is at your door, when most babies are born, your sleep is the deepest, when evil things have their greatest power, and insomniacs face their true selves – and their greatest fears.

The Dead Hours are 2am to 4am; it is when deaths occur, when the body’s bio-rhythms are at their lowest and it’s also when most ghosts are seen.

Do more people see them at that time because their own bio-rhythms are low and so they are more susceptible to seeing them, or because their low bio-rhythms make them more prone to imagine things?

If I could answer that, I could also probably prove whether ghosts exist or not, and if I could prove that, I’d either be very rich and very famous, or out of a job.

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