Eeek! Bright Lights!

Originally posted: 18/07/2006

Last night (17/07/2006) at 22:30 something appeared in the skies.

Starting south-south-east, about 50-60 degrees over the horizon (from my back door it came from over the uni), it headed north but not straight, coming more over to the centre.

It started off very big and bright, at first I thought it was a plane but there was no noise. Next choice, a BIG shooting star: especially as it started waning like a shooting star burning up, but then got brighter again.

I watched it for about 20 seconds, during which time it varied from faster than a satellite (when first seen) to almost stationary. Eventually waned and vanished in a cloudless area of sky.

No satellites were due over at this time, no comet (in this area), no meteor showers: any ideas?

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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