Facing the Past

Originally posted: 19/06/2010

More reflection photos, sorry but this time I can’t tell you where they were taken as we were sworn to secrecy. All I can say is that the building is *only* 100 years old, but on a site where there has been human activity for nearly 2,000 years, including a lot of deaths both natural and unnatural.

It is human nature to look at random patterning and try to make sense of it, and the first image we look for is a human face. However, what about other body parts?

See the photos: the first one was taken seconds after another one that doesn’t have anything odd on it, but this one appears to have a person forming in the right pane of glass:

The second photo was taken looking the opposite way, and there appears to be a reflection of a person in the gloss on the door (the photo was taken using a mobile phone camera, no flash), although the more I look at it the more I think it is just my brain trying to see a face:

Thoughts, anybody?

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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