Flushed With Success

Originally posted 06/02/2010

There’s something about ghosts and toilets. Most investigations I have been on have either had a haunting in the toilet, or close enough to make people nervous of using them. Is it the user’s vunerability that makes them nervous, or spirits drawn to the water? (For more on ghosts and water see previous waffle on the Bernays Theory)

Welcome to 2010 – a bit late, but I’ve been rather busy. For the first time in years I went to the Black Swan on Peasholme Green at the end of January. I’d met with somebody to discuss ghost tourism in York, and how underplayed it is.

On March 12 there’s going to be an investigation at the Black Swan, Peasholme Green, York. The previous landlord we are told turned down Most Haunted, but we’re going in to this amazing ancient building which dates back to at least the 15th century (the doubt comes in because a date has been found scratched in to the fabric of the building which is from the previous century, but of course this could just be a reused beam). There are three well known ghost stories and a number more are now being added.

The event will cost £150 per person which includes a bespoke ghost walk, two course evening meal in the Black Swan which is superior pub food prepared by the in-house chef (they should have the squirrel pie back on by then!), with the investigation proper starting once the pub shuts. This should continue to 4am, at which time you can retire to your four poster bed (all rooms are en suite), with breakfast also included in the morning. This is ghost hunting with added luxuries!

The next event is on March 26 at our most prestigious venue: Gray’s Court. The photos don’t do it justice: parts of the building date back to the 11th century, it has several Royal connections and it was the original Treasurer’s House – it is at right angles to the building now known by that name, the two being all one at some point in the past. It is quite possibly that the Roman road on which the ghostly legion were seen by Harry Martindale also runs under this building. Its now an upmarket tea room and coffee house (it has some excellent coffee blends to chose from, as well as teas and light snacks), with gardens running up to the Bar Walls of the City of York. As you can probably tell, I’ve been bowled over by the beauty of the venue!

A night ghost hunting at Gray’s will cost £100, which includes a three course chef-prepared meal with accompanying ghost stories by a leading York historian, followed by an investigation until 2am in this amazing historic building in the shadow of York Minster.

Both investigations will have a medium and a psychic present in the shape of Psychic TV’s Diana Jarvis.

So where does the ghost and the toilet fit in? During our first meeting, during which much coffee (and no alcohol) was consumed, I had to use the facilities in the Black Swan. Whilst I was in there, somebody came in (I heard the two doors open and close), looked in the empty cubicle, walked past it to in front of my door (I heard the footsteps on the tiled floor and saw their shadow under the door), paused, then turned and walked out again.

When I came out I told the person I was with what had happened, as I considered it a bit strange. She told me that nobody had gone in there whilst I was in, but there were regular reports of a male ghost walking in to the ladies’ toilets!

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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