#I’m Blogging, By Myself…#

Odin (his name has been changed to protect his identity)

Originally posted: 17/04/2006

Its gone midnight so it feels like I am by myself in the cyber world, sorry to say the website updates are not yet ready. I have been making up for lost time, no amount of saving seemed to have protected me from a powercut, everything done so far today went when the power did.

I’m already behind on my schedule after a ten day break, nothing to do with the paranormal this time but that is probably why I have come back feeling so refreshed. I also found my sea legs for the first time in years, now I am struggling to cope with floors that don’t rock with the waves.

Back to the power cut… you’d have thought I was used to being alone in the dark by now, what was scary was NOT being alone in the dark. Two of us stumbling about looking for the candles (all carefully packed away as the rental contract stipulates no candles), and only one torch between us at twilight (my small torch was left behind in somebody’s car after an investigation and my tiny torch and big torch both have flat batteries… let that be a lesson to all investigators to keep torches ready for use), was turned into a disturbing experience by Odin.

No, not the Norse God, but the local beaten up old Tom cat with only one eye and almost two ears, who decided that now was a good time to really have a good look round my house in the dark. Being black and white meant that his white patches showed up, but it was a mean trick leaving his tail on a different step so that just when you thought you had got past him on the stairs… there’s an evil streak in that cat some days.

So, nothing major to report except that discussion are now well under way as to what we will do at this year’s ghost festival. Well, I suppose they have been well under way for a while now, but definite ideas are now being agreed on, rather than being floated on the ether, and nobody will be surprised that these ideas involve pubs.

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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