July 15

Originally posted: 18/07/2011 as part of The Fleece Files

Another Friday, another strange happening…

End of the night, and I’m sat in the back bar with Steph (the landlady), the other staff that are still in the building, my daughter and a new friend who had just popped down from the psychic night at the Black Swan Inn (by co-incidence we’d never met her before, but just got chatting to find that I have worked with her husband for the last five months and we all hit it off).

The front bar was the first to have shut, the shutter being locked down, and the doors locked shut. We’re just finishing off in the back bar and we hear the bell in the front bar chiming very loudly, so myself, Guy (barman) and Steph all run to the front to see what’s happening – forgetting the keys. Seeing that it is all still looked up, Guy runs back for the keys, on his return he opens the doors to find the bell lying in the middle of the floor behind the bar.

The noise we heard wasn’t the bell falling and hitting things on the way, it rang out clearly several times before it fell, as if it had been rung so hard it was wrenched off the wall. Thinking back, it hadn’t fallen until Guy and myself were already half way up the corridor running to see why it was ringing. It had been on the wall in a corner, high enough above the bar that you could only just reach it to ring it. With the front bar locked up, there was no way anybody could have reached it, and besides, the bar was completely empty.

Falling off because the fixings had worked their way loose is one thing, but how come it was ringing for so long before it fell?

Ah well, its nice to know that the last two times I saw/heard something in the Golden Fleece, my first reaction was to run towards it. The sign of a seasoned investigator!

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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