Midsummer Madness

Originally posted: 18/09/2008

Well we managed to mark midsummer with our usual style and panache… by 1am three people were flat out in the cold wet grass wondering, yet again, why we do this. I did say last blog that we weren’t doing anything until October, but we couldn’t let this day pass without a little something!

On our on-going mission to lurk around the former execution grounds of York, we have yet again drawn a virtual blank – so I ask again, does having clergy there moving souls on, or time to admit there’s nothing out there?

We started off – myself and our two newest members, Miss E and Sprota – with a quick trip to the former leper hospital on St Nicholas’ Fields. Whilst we have no reports of hauntings from there, we’ve had one from a near-by house which includes the appearance of various nuts, bolts and screws dropping out of apparently nowhere. A member of PSI was there when one of them happened: there was the noise of something small and metallic hitting wood flooring, when we looked, there was a screw on the floor in the corner of a hallway. Nothing above it, nothing next to it, just blank walls and a wooden floor. It dropped, rather than being thrown, not that there was anyone around to through it. Proof at last that paranormal investigators have a screw loose?!

A number of these have appeared, all of which have been kept and one traced to its place of origin – from the front door handle. It fell out one day, given that it was far too short for the job it was doing, it was no surprise! But as for the other three items, a rational explanation has yet to present itself. A visit from a medium who was there socially seems to have upset something: a thud and slosh was heard and two people turned to see the water level in a kettle sloshing about wildly, as if the kettle had been picked up and slammed down. Curious…

A second visit from a medium this time ‘on business’ came up with it being a male presence, contemporary, but not connected to the building – he worked in a building formerly on the site. That fitted in with the householder’s belief that it was connected to former (modern) buildings on the site, nothing earlier, and was male. This is now an on-going private investigation for PSI.

Anyway, ramble over, and back to midsummer. There are standing stones in this area but they are of modern construction, however there are stones here from the earlier church and hospital. Miss E was just tuning in to something when the night was split by the roar of a motorbike, and so we instinctively dived in to the bushes – the bike had no lights on, and we were certain this was no ghostly apparition! Not wanting a confrontation, we curtailed our activities for the evening – the living are far too active in that area during the early hours for our liking!

We moved off to another execution site: this time, Lammel Hill gallows, via Walmgate Stray, believed by some to be the real site of the Battle of Fulford. As with previous investigations there was no sign of imprints from the violent deaths, however two other spirits were picked up on. A female servant girl of possibly Victorian times, scared to move on in case she met up with the former lover who killed her, was flitting about the meadow.

And as the evening was ending, a strong male presence was felt prowling the boundaries of Siward’s Howe. Sorry, his land. Because that was the feeling he gave off, that we were on his territory, but he was indulgent of our presence and happy to remain surveying his domains.

That was it before the summer break as those of us with other hobbies take some time off, before its back for the fifth anniversary of our original festival.

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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