Roman ghosts? Its a bug’s life…

Originally posted: 13/10/2007

I’ve finally got round to watching the Outwood (Wakefield) video of what is thought to be a Roman ghost.

First question: why a Roman? Just going by the image, its a blob, nothing Roman about it.

Second question: what’s the insect life like round there? As part of my day job I spend hours watching videos taken of roads and railways all round this country, and this image is very familiar.

A couple of months ago we captured a similar one and I jokingly called the screenshot of it “Ghostie.” Playing frame be frame, you could see the ‘ghost’ rise up from the ground and end up in the middle of our screens, looking almost identical to the one on the clip.

The one we got was a lace wing. You can tell by the immobility of the object that it is on the lens, not on the path, I don’t think its the same type of insect but its hard to tell as our recording quality is much clearer, and it is, at close inspection, obvious what it is. But I do believe in this instant it is not a ghost, but an insect – but if somebody can prove me wrong, I’d be interested! (And I do mean prove, not theorise, conjecture or argue.)

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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