“Smile” they said “it could be worse” I did and it was

Originally posted: 09/10/2007

I started this blog about an hour ago. In the last hour, it has taken most of the time to try to log in (must remember to re-enable cookie blocking once I’ve published), then the tab decided to close down taking my blog with it, unsaved. So much for automatically saving drafts.

Its been one of those years, really. In fact, I was working up to a good whinge on that topic when it went, maybe I should take that as a hint and shut up… FAT CHANCE! 😉

Its been a bad year. Something about this run up to the festival makes us take stock: last year it was personal upheavals in the way of work, relationships and health. This year, more bad health, more relationship problems, more work changes… and for myself, four deaths in the family, most recently my grandmother; also several former colleagues, and several friends in the re-enactment world including the woman who had become my greatest friend in that sphere.

Given that I have always advocated NOT attending seances etc looking for recently deceased, I have shied away from them myself: if you believe, then you may be holding back a spirit that wants to pass over, if you believe or not, its hanging on to grief in an unhealthy fashion. And personally, its been too raw to even think about it, I too have been guilty of wanting to contact one of them, and have had to learn to let go. Its still raw, but its passing.

Personal whinge over.

In terms of PSI and the Ghost Fests, our usual curses still haunt us – pun intended.

The Winter Ghost Fest, timed to co-incide with Residents First Weekend at the end of January was cancelled at very short notice due to ill-health at the venue.

The Spring Ghost Fest should have been at Easter, but we had no luck again getting a venue, plus I wasn’t in York for a lot of the Easter holidays making it difficult to arrange anything.

The Midsummer Ghost Fest was a very small event, something I was thankful for as it was the quietest investigation we have ever done! We went to York Tyburn, at the side of York Racecourse, as we thought all that pain and suffering might have left some imprint on the fabric of time. After several hours absolutely nothing had occurred… except for one of the team accidentally stumbling across a humpty back monster in the long grass at the side of the racecourse fences!!! He must have been the only person in York not aware it is a popular courting ground, bless him he thought somebody had hurt themselves and offered to help. We have on camera the moment when he realised the ‘person’ had eight limbs and not much clothing on…!

If things were quiet, we had planned to split the night between ghosts and cats, and so switched sides of the road to look for the Beast of Hob Moor (more on my next blog about cats). Its amazing how many people were on Hob Moor at 3am, not surprisingly with all that activity there was no sign of any big cats, just a small black mog. On the way back to civilisation, we had the only excitement of the night: we had to bodily carry a woman out of the middle of the road where she was trying to conduct an argument AND sleep on the road, and was amazingly successful about both.

Furious at her partner for neither helping nor calling an ambulance for a near comatose woman, I stopped the first police van we saw and directed them to her in the hope she’d been taken somewhere to sober up safely. So that’s two Ghost Fests now ended up with me talking to the police, the last time it was to prevent a suicidal woman from throwing herself in the cold, fast flowing, flooded River Ouse. Is it some sort of synchronicity that puts us in places to do these things, I wonder?

Well, that brings us up to date with the bad stuff, I’ll blog again with better news.

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.

Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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2 Responses to “Smile” they said “it could be worse” I did and it was

  1. Lisa says:

    I didn’t get to read all this but from what I’m gathering you was on hobmoor ghost hunting, but didn’t get any evidence that it’s actually haunted. Damn this annoys me because years ago me and my friend was walking across hobmoor to get home and it was getting dark, can’t remember the time but out on the field next to hobmoor school we both saw this woman all white but see through at first I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me but my friend saw the same thing! I didn’t tell her what I saw first I let her explain to me, we both looked for a minute too lol we thought it was just a random weirdo but humans dont look see through and have no feet with out support to stand up. I’ve only seen her once and never again

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