Stand By Your Beds…

Originally posted: 01/11/2008

Full report on the GhostFest to follow on the York Ghost Festival website, but just one thing I thought worth mentioning as a ‘strange but true’ moment.

Hallowe’en Night was spent at Haunted on Stonegate, York, and at about 2am we’d just settled down for our big seance of the night with everybody present. I was sat in a chair next to the one where Derek Acorah (in?)famously vanished over the back of it as a ‘spirit’ tipped him out of it.

I checked whether anybody was feeling nervous: then I specifically asked the young couple on my left how they were feeling, then revealed to them that he was sat in ‘the’ chair…

Nothing of that nature happened last night.

Not surprisingly, one of the first priorities after an investigation is sleep. Emerging some time mid-afternoon on Saturday, the first thing my daughter told me was about her experiences during the night. She’d been staying with family, and had woken up in the night and knew she had to get out of bed. Her first conscious thought was as she stood at the foot of it, was that Derek Acorah needed a bed desperately for the ghost of a woman to use…

Neither of us have ever watched the paranormal investigations programmes on a regular basis, she isn’t even that interested in it, so I’ve no idea where this has come from.

And I’ve no idea if she needs some sort of help… 😉

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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