View From The Bar… a bit of background information

Originally posted: 21/06/2011 as part of The Fleece Files

The Golden Fleece is reputedly the most haunted pub in the city which is reputedly the most haunted city in the world… working there, it would be rude not to start a blog on the day-to-day weirdness of the pub. It is, so to speak, a golden opportunity.

Without going in to too much background of the Golden Fleece itself and the reported hauntings, I will try to cover the odd little things that staff and guests report. Steph Macklewain-Cross took the pub over on May 16, started a huge clean-up operation, and made a number of changes. Well, they do say changing things stirs up ghosts!

During the first week, whilst the pub had to shut, the clean-up crew stayed on site. On the first night, three women sharing the same room (manageress Caroline, chef Anna and yours truly) heard a variety of strange things in the night: gramaphone records stuck in a groove being the loudest, but the most annoying was repeatedly hearing tiler Ron walking up and down the corridors. In the morning, Ron complained that he could hear people walking up and down the corridors in the night, leaving him too scared to leave his room… worst of all, the steps stopped outside his room, the continued up the stairs, coming back down again a short time later.

The pot-washer from the Black Swan Inn, Marcus, was on loan the Golden Fleece for the first few weeks it was open and reported the first full-on sightings in the pub. When Caroline noticed for the second time in the same night that the back cellar light had been left on, she questioned him about it. Marcus had seen the staff member who had turned it on both times, but hadn’t thought anything of it. Until he described him, and (nobody’s going to be surprised here, are they?) discovered that there was nobody in the pub, let alone on the staff, who fitted the description he gave.

There’s been a number of incidents with keys and locks, most notably in St Catherine’s Room. The first time, the lock had deadlocked itself from the inside, and needed to be drilled out. Replaced with another, better lock, last Sunday night the lock again jammed when the residents were trying to get in, despite it being a complete new lock.

Last week, Anna called Steph in to the kitchen as the bacon foil(!) was doing something odd: it was gently rocking back and forth to itself on a shelf. Possibly down to vibrations, that wouldn’t explain why, when Steph called it to come to her, the foil roll moved forwards on the shelf. Steph called again, and again it moved towards her. The third time she tried, it spun 90 degrees, ending up pointing at her. Steph then called it down from the shelf, as if it was a dog, at which point it flew off the shelf landing in her arms… Afterwards, Anna said had she not witnessed it herself, she wouldn’t have believed it. Did it roll? No, it was still in the square box…

Some of the phenomena may well be explainable: half-seen shadows in corridors as staff wander round calling each other (the back rooms are a bit of a rabbit warren) could just be nerves and shadows, but I’ll note them anyway just in case it is anything more.

Similarly, the small things that go missing then randomly re-appear I will note. Lets start with the table numbers in the back bar. Some morning they are all there, some mornings they are not. They could have been stolen, or misplaced, or somebody is playing tricks, any of which I can accept as an explanation; what I struggle with is the things that re-appear the next day somewhere completely different, or in the case of the number 4, re-appears in a place that had just been cleaned twice and on both occasions, it definitely wasn’t there.

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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