York Ghost Festival: Saturday night details

Originally posted: 19/10/2007

I can now release further details about Saturday night’s Ghost Hosts event. Its a talk in three parts: one about ghosts and investigations from a paranormal historian’s view, by yours truly; one about the scientific side of investigations by PSI’s Chief Scientific Investigator James Littlewood; and celebrity medium Diana Jarvis will talk about investigations from a medium’s perspective including interactive demonstrations on dowsing with rods and crystals, and a couple of seances thrown in for good measure!

It will take place at 8.30pm (doors open 8pm) at The Ruins Crafthouse, 34 Dale Street, York.

The Ruins Crafthouse is owned by Hugh and Isobel Bernays of the Auden Society, and they have developed a fascinating theory about ghost, which is a progression from the Stone Tape Theory. For those not familiar with it, that theory suggests that strong emotional events, or repetative events, leave a ‘memory’ behind in the very fabric of the stones around them, creating ghosts in buildings that are re-enactments of these events. These are the non-sentient ghosts that cannot be interacted with.

The new Bernays Theory is based on the homeopathic theory that water has memory (for details see the Wikipedia entry): the water is retaining memories of people or animals, if the water then crystalises over time, it still retains that memory. When it returns to its liquid state, it resurrects the memory, hence there being periods when ghosts are seen in one place, then the sightings stop, sometimes to recur depending on the hydration of the memory.


Consider this: I was advised years ago to buy a hygrometer to measure humidity at investigations, because many groups already take these readings with results that show increased paranormal activity in humid conditions – or that humid conditions increase with paranormal activity. I’m not saying this is an instantly provable – or disprovable – theory, but its one worth thinking about. It is also one we will be investigating further over the coming months.

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong

Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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