Hallowe’en 2012 live updates

I’ve been alone since 2am, at Haunted.

The house itself is freezing, so at the moment I’m sticking close to a hot coffee and the radiator, although I have had a little wander about on my own.

I’ve been sat in the house alone now for just over an hour, nothing thrilling to report! There’s been a few strange noises, shouts and even some singing but all of it was just echoing in off the street. The hum of the street cleaner was an odd one to place for a moment! Last lot of people that went past were very loud, but at least they had cleaner language than the ones I heard earlier.

Scary things happening, none of them paranormal… so far!

For a moment, I thought I heard the creak of a door opening. After straining my ears for a few seconds, I realised it was a very whiney voice out in the street! Less people going past now, but the ones who are going past the door are very loud.

The regularity of the police vans going past are a comfort, shame they’d just done a sweep when the last refrigerator lorry shot past, an hour before he’s legally allowed down Stonegate. I know the streets are virtually empty, but if someone had stumbled off a kerb or out of an alley in to the path of that one, they’d be dead. He was so fast I almost didn’t get chance to note the company name down.

Wasn’t sure what was going to get to me first, the cold or tiredness. Tiredness won. Rather than freeze one one of the sofas I tried to get comfy on a chair next to the only radiator, and succeeded. Would probably still be asleep now if my cold hadn’t decided to kick back in, nearly choking me.

About half an hour ago had an ever so slightly surreal moment when a bin wagon went past, at a reasonable speed… backwards. It then reappeared heading the right way, stopping outside for a few minutes. I’d forgotten until then how scary I found the film Duel.

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