TV Review: Most Haunted at The Golden Fleece

I’ve spent years avoiding watching Most Haunted for two reasons: one is the swearing level, and the other one is that when something allegedly happens they scream and run away – what’s the point in being there if you run away not towards?! If you’re going to get that hysterical regularly, then you’re in the wrong job.

Actually, there are other reasons, but they’re the obvious ones. Tonight though I decided to grit my teeth and sit through a re-run of the Golden Fleece show because of the local connection.

I think they managed a whole 30 seconds before they got their facts wrong, a particular bugbear of mine and one they kept repeating: it’s a rebuild from around 1840, not 500 old!

Evidence here.

Lady Peckett didn’t become “enamoured” of being a lady – it was her legal right to keep the title even after her husband was no longer Lord Mayor in 1703. Her husband John Peckitt didn’t die in the pub because it didn’t exist in his lifetime, and the house he lived in was the one next door anyway! Herbert’s House once had a triple gable, covering the site of what’s now the Golden Fleece, but as already stated it isn’t this building.

The Canadian airman who died in the staff quarters was Geoff Monroe, not Jed Harkin, he fell from the former room four on to a glass corridor which was at the back of the pub, most likely he landed where the corridor to the kitchens now is.

And that was just in the first fifteen minutes…

This is getting painful to watch, I may have to give up.

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

P.S. I could see the wings fluttering on that “light anomalies” in the third and fourth segments.

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