Jack The Ripper – the story from York

What’s his connection to York? None, to our knowledge, but like a lot of people, I have a mild fascination with the world’s most well-known serial killer. I’m not going to try to work out who it was – if the experts can’t do that, I haven’t a chance! – but over the next few months this page will include newspaper reports for our local paper about the crimes. Whilst there is already a wealth of information out there about JTR, these are reports that may well not already be on the internet.

For a detailed website on JTR, try Casebook.

2 Responses to Jack The Ripper – the story from York

  1. PJ Edgar says:


    Just been reading your twitter and web page. Have you thought of advertising your events on Visit York web page? I am the membership Exec, I’d be happy to meet to discuss further.

    • When we tried to join Visit York a few years ago we were told we’re not important enough to be a member and had the membership exec turn their back on us at a public event – why would we want to advertise with somebody who treats us like that?

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