Night Shift

The Dead Wenches

These resurrected corpses have been seen publicising York Ghost Festival, and City of York Festivals in general.

Or for something a little different try death, despair, blood and gore: spend an evening exploring the seedy underbelly of York’s past. Our stories of gruesome ghosts and horrible histories were part of the City of York Council’s Festival of the Rivers for a couple of years performing Rivers of Blood. Not for the faint hearted, or those of a nervous disposition!

We are for hire, and can provide between one and half a dozen Dead Wenches to promote events. Our own costumes, the image has been created for us by Past Images.

The Canting Crew

We are also a theatrical group who performed some of York’s ghost stories in the streets in 2005, made up of re-enactors from various groups and eras. Need a few costumed promoters? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find somebody for you!

The Victualling Brothers

Pirate re-enactment group! Hire us too!

Blood & Bones

Mistress Macabre’s dark circus is coming to town…

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