Return of the Psychic Museum – did you see it coming?

Originally posted: 15/10/2007

Sorry, another bad pun to start things off AGAIN… I’ll behave now. Possibly.

It was nice to see this report in The Press about Jonathan Cainer reopening his museum, renamed as Haunted.

I had some involvement with the museum the first time round, and fell in love with the building the first time they showed me round. Its a thing of beauty in itself, worth a tour just for the architecture, decor and the painted glass windows installed by former resident JW Knowles, famous York glazier who was responsible for preserving some of the windows at York Minster, amongst other places.

The people I met there were also lovely, JC himself being one of, if not THE, nicest person I’ve met during the years of doing paranormal work. I wish JC and his team every success in the relaunch of this venture, after the work he has put in he certainly deserves it.

As for the spirits in the building, there is very definitely some strange spots in there. For those that saw Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns, do you remember the room where he was dragged backwards out of a chair? I have spent quite some time alone in there, and nothing that exciting ever happened to me! There was a very definite feeling almost constantly of being watched, but not by something evil – watching, brooding, like having someone checking over your shoulder that you are doing your work right and that whatever you do, it won’t be quite good enough. But not evil.

One very unnerving thing that happened there was on a warm summer’s evening when a thunderstorm broke, and a leak appeared in that room. I raced down a flight of stairs then through most of the rooms on that floor looking for the only other person in the building to tell about it, my thoughts purely on the physical not the paranormal. I sped through one room and into the next, and as I went through the first door SOMETHING came through with me… I have no idea what, what I do know is that I felt something unpleasant right behind me, it even growled in my ear. I don’t think I’ve ever crossed a room that fast in my life! I was straight through the other door and on to the back staircase, a lovely airy room that instantly calmed my fears although my heart was still racing! I frequently went back in there and never again had that feeling… maybe the deep carpets of the first room and my lifelong attraction of static teamed up to create that feeling, or maybe it was something else…

Remember: keep your equipment dry, and your coffee strong.
Rachel Lacy
Ghost Finder General

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